Yoyo Maeght - Interview Fondation Maeght

Interview Fondation Maeght

Find my interview about the Maeght Foundation, with a presentation and a translation in German.I talk about my grandfather Aimé Maeght and his pass...

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.Fondation Maeght

The Fondation Maeght

`The Fondation Marguerite et Aimé Maeght is a unique place, created by a couple in love with the arts, friends of the greatest artists, Bonnard, Ma...

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Aimé Maeght et Duke Ellington à la Fondation Maeght en 1966

Aimé Maeght - Jazz Passion

Aimé Maeght and Duke Ellington, at the Maeght Foundation in 1966.Aimé Maeght loved all forms of creation, music, architecture, dance, painting, s...

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.Aimé Maeght - Fantaisie

Aimé Maeght - Fantasy

Here is an excerpt from my book where all the fantasy of my grandfather Aimé Maeght, is honored.In the photo here he is with Georges Pompidou, then...

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