Série - Citrons dans l'Art

Series - Lemons

 Edouard Manet, "The lemon", 1880.Simple, beautiful, effective, historic! Manet uses here a very photographic framing, inspired by the new proces...

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Série - Autoportraits

Series - Self-portrait

Albrecht Dürer, "Autoportrait aux gants", 1498.Jan Gossaert paint in 1515. Maybe a self-potrait. Maurice Quentin-Latour, last self-potra...

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Série - Les Oiseaux dans l'art

Série - Birds

Whaaa !A print Ohara Koson by 1900.A rare costume design for the creation of the world, "The Parrot" 1923 by Léger Fernand.The first performanc...

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Série - La Plage dans l'Art

Series - Beach

The calm !"Crane Neck Across the Marsh", 1841.William Sidney Mount excelled in landscape painting, but he was not associated with the Hudson Rive...

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Série - L'Art en 1914

Series- 1914

Amedeo Modigliani, "Portrait de Frank Burty Haviland", 1914.Modi, as his friends Utrillo, Max Jacob, Kisling and Soutine called him, arrived in P...

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Série - Les Chevaux dans l'Art

Series - Horses in Art

Walasse Ting, "Blue Horse and Bouquet", vers 1990.As a teenager, I never had a huge painting of him in my room, it was an extraordinary source of...

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Série - Les Chats dans l'Art - 2

Series - Cats in Art - 2

I gather here, works including or representing cats, without chronology, just works that I like or surprise me.Poster by Kelfkens, 1960sPierre ...

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Série - Les Chats dans l'Art - 1

Series - Cats in Art - 1

I gather here, works including or representing cats, without chronology, just works that I like or surprise me.Pablo Picasso, Femme au chat, 1900...

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Série - Les Fenêtres dans l'Art

Series - windows

Van Eyck's "Virgin and Chancellor Rolin" of 1435 shows an interior scene with an opening to the world.Van Eyck depicts the chancellor kneeling be...

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Série - Violons et guitares dans l'Art

Série - Violins and guitars

"La Joueuse de guitare" by Jan Vermeer van Delft, 1670.Edgar Degas "La leçon de danse", 1879. For us it's more like a painting lesson!"N...

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Série - Pâques dans l'art

Series - Easter

The representation of Easter in the history of art.Giotto, Mantegna, Vinci, but also, Derain, Dali or Chagall."L'Entrée de Jésus à Jérusalem", pa...

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Série - Arlequins dans l'Art

Series - Harlequins

A selection of the most beautiful modern and contemporary harlequins !Antoine Watteau, "Mezzetin", 1718. Mezzetin is a comedy character. It is on...

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Série - Japon

Series - Japan

Japan in art, modern or contemporary artists, traditional Japanese art...A rarity, Japan seen by David Hockney, "Mount Fuji and Flowers", 1972. ...

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Série - Bouquets dans l'Art

Series - Bouquets

Pablo Picasso, "Trois roses", 1898Paul Gauguin, "Nature morte à la mandoline", 1885Vincent van Gogh, "Roses", 1890. Pablo Picasso, "Fl...

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Série - Les Pianos dans l'Art

Series - Pianos

I'm 7 years old in this photo from the summer when I'm playing the piano with Duke Ellington, which gives me the idea for a series on pianos.Extr...

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Série - Les Livres dans l'Art

Series - Book

To begin this series of books and art, Vincent van Gogh.Auguste Renoir, "La liseuse", 1876.Jean-Jacques Henner, "La liseuse", in between 1880...

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Série - La Tour Eiffel dans l'art

Series - Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower - ConstructionWork on the foundations of the Eiffel Tower. Photo taken by Pierre Lanith in 1887. On July 24, 1887, here...

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Série - Les chats et les stars

Series - Cats and Stars

Stars, artists, personalities with their cats.Brigitte BardotJean CocteauDavid BowieJacques DutroncErnest HemingwaySince Ernest Hemingway...

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