.Braque - l'amitié

.Braque - the friendship

Georges Braque is already immensely famous when he enters the Maeght Gallery. He entrusts his paintings to Aimé because he believes in the future o...

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.Braque - La "Théogonie"

.Braque - The "Theogony

One of the most beautiful artists' books...The "Theogony" of Hesiod illustrated by Georges Braque.The fabulous publisher Ambroise Vollard and Geo...

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.Braque par Jean Paulhan

.Braque by Jean Paulhan

Georges Braque, The couple of birds."Braque is patient. His face, so humble that it seems to have seen peace. But the shoulder is of a lumberjack...

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L’Oiseau dans  le feuillage, 1962, lithographie originale, 80x105 cm, Maeght Éditeur, Paris.

Georges Braque, the boss

The Bird in the Foliage, 1962, original lithograph, 80x105 cm, Maeght Éditeur, Paris.In 1944, Pierre Bonnard and Aimé Maeght took Marguerite Mati...

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.Matisse, la lumière

Henri Matisse, the light

Invitation card of the exhibition Henri Matisse for the opening of the Maeght Gallery, 1945, 24 x32 cm.The master becomes the friend of the Maeg...

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