Aimé Maeght - Jazz Passion

Aimé Maeght and Duke Ellington, at the Maeght Foundation in 1966.

Aimé Maeght loved all forms of creation, music, architecture, dance, painting, sculpture, theater, photography, poetry, cinema, fashion ... everything!

1925! Family photo!

One of the very rare photos of my grandfather from his youth. He is on the right, playing drums, in this orchestra that he had founded with his friends from Nîmes, the "Banana's King Jazz Band", only that! It was in 1925, he was 19 years old.

He had been repatriated to the Cevennes, then to Nîmes, from his native North, by the Red Cross during the First World War. Orphan, without means, he was carried by his passion for art and to live it, he worked hard from a very young age.

The book La Saga Maeght by Yoyo Maeght, with dedication. Link here