Maeght Foundation - Georges Braque

Georges Braque and Aimé Maeght.
Georges Braque was the mentor of my grandfather, he exhibited at the Maeght Gallery from 1945 until his death in 1963.
Excerpt from the Maeght Saga
"When Braque came to join me in Saint-Paul, one month after the death of my little boy, I was in despair. He said to me: 'Since you are so keen to do something that goes beyond the art business that you seem to despise, as I understand you, do something here, something that would not have a speculative purpose, that would allow us artists to exhibit sculpture and painting in the best possible conditions of light and space. Do it, I will help you.
Aimé Maeght

In a patio of the Maeght Foundation, the basin imagined by Braque, where fish swim in mosaic of an incredible modernity, or rather I should say of a fabulous timelessness.
A slight trickle of water flows permanently to wrinkle the surface, so the fish seem to wriggle.

Maeght Foundation, architecture by Josep-Lluis Sert and mosaic basin by Georges Braque.

The signature itself is already a masterpiece.

Chapel of the Maeght Foundation, stained glass window by Georges Braque and Spanish Christ.
Why a chapel in a museum of contemporary art? But here are the bases for the creation of this temple of beauty and creation.

Georges Braque, Stained glass window of the Maeght Foundation.
The book La Saga Maeght by Yoyo Maeght, with dedication. Link here