The impluviums of the Maeght Foundation

Josep-Lluis Sert Architect of the Maeght Foundation

These large white concrete sails have two functions, to collect rainwater for the basins of the "Labyrinth" of Miró and to shelter the buildings from the sun.

The intelligence of Josep Lluis Sert's timeless architecture, which combines beauty and utility and which has perfectly integrated the buildings with the vegetation of this hill of Saint-Paul-de-Vence, while putting itself at the service of artists and visitors.

A mixture of materials, shapes and colors, the architecture of the Foundation creates a sensation of perfect balance while nothing is symmetrical.
The choices made by my grandparents, by bringing together opposing tendencies in art, have built a harmony.

Marguerite and Aimé Maeght are instinctively in advance of their time and have only one desire: to take the greatest number with them on the roads of creation. To make the most diverse movements, periods and expressions vibrate together is their pleasure and, with the generosity that characterizes them, they offer everyone the opportunity to participate in this happiness.
The Foundation is without era, or rather of all eras, an architectural, artistic and human success.

The book La Saga Maeght by Yoyo Maeght, with dedication. Link here