Series - Mimosa

Félix Vallotton "Mimosas in bloom in Cagnes", 1921. 
A print by Marc Chagall, "Roses and Mimosa", 1975.
Masterpiece for my Mimosa series, this “Bouquet of mimosa on the table” painted in 1938 by Édouard Vuillard.
As is often the case with Vuillard, we can touch objects, like this cup with the handle turned towards us so that we can grasp it. 
To enhance my Mimosa series, I am publishing this painting by William Bouguereau, because, of course, academicism bores me.
When we compare to what artists like van Gogh, Gauguin, Bonnard, Cézanne, Vuillard, or Matisse were doing in the same year, 1899, among others...
Yes it is "well painted", but this craft does not provide as much emotion as the paintings of the Masters of modern art, especially since photography was already widespread and mastered in 1899.
Pierre Bonnard, 1915.
Bonnard, Chagall and Matisse continually painted this magnificent flowering tree.
The scent of mimosa, my happiness…