Aki Kuroda - 7th may - 12th juin NYC exhibition

Here are some views of the exhibition "Midnight Spaghetti", conceived by Yoyo Maeght for the Richard Taittinger Gallery in New York.

For this exhibition, Yoyo Maeght brought together the paintings from the "Midnight Spaghetti" series and accompanied them with monumental paintings of "Minotaur" and explorations of the cosmos by Aki Kuroda.

In 1980, Marguerite Duras wrote: "The paintings in Aki Kuroda's exhibition. In appearance, they resemble each other. This resemblance remains external, it only allows the grouping of work done over three years. The paintings do not look alike. I did not see that Aki Kuroda painted black at night. I saw that he painted such and such a night, such and such a night, the general night not existing. The fourteen paintings are called by Aki Kuroda: "The Darkness". Marguerite Duras' full text here