Aki Kuroda - Biographie

Kuroda - Biography

Aki Kuroda, born in Kyoto in 1944, began painting at the age of three. As a child, he was fascinated by the surrealist magazine Minotaure that hi...

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Aki Kuroda - Mythologie

Aki Kuroda - Mythology

Emblematic subject of the work of Aki Kuroda, the bull or Minotaur. Kuroda 111615, Minotaur, 2016/2019 - 180 cm It was through the magazine Minot...

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Aki Kuroda - Collages

Kuroda - Collages

While an exhibition has just ended in Tokyo, Aki Kuroda is preparing two exhibitions to be held in early 2022, in New York and Kyoto. Before that, ...

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Aki Kuroda par Marguerite Duras

Kuroda by Marguerite Duras

Les Ténèbres of Aki KurodaIn 1980, Peter Klasen, who regularly exhibited at the Maeght Gallery, advised the Maeghts to meet Aki Kuroda. Yoyo and hi...

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Aki Kuroda - Affiche

Aki Kuroda - Signed Poster

Until October 15th, you can receive the poster signed by Aki Kuroda.Large and colofull poster by Aki Kuroda."Autoportrait"Click on the image to z...

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Aki Kuroda - Rabbits

Kuroda - Rabbits

 Exhibition Aki Kuroda, Richard Taittinger Gallery, New York, 2020Exhibition Aki Kuroda, Richard Taittinger Gallery, New York, 2020Exhib...

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Aki Kuroda - Nouveauté 2021 - Estampe City

City by Aki Kuroda

Cosmo-city works are the representation of my conception of "the city", its history, history, art history etc... It is the basis of painting when w...

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Aki Kuroda dans son atelier

Kuroda - Aki in a few words

In his atelier, in 2019Aki Kuroda is a Japanese artist who lives and works in Paris.He was born on October 4, 1944 in Kyoto and began painting a...

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Aki Kuroda, Eponge rouge, Spectacle Performance - école Alsacienne à Paris - 2006

Kuroda - Sponges

In space, black holes absorb light, they are compact. Celestial objects that prevent any form of matter or radiation from escaping.Aki Kuroda, Whi...

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Aki Kuroda - Cosmoflower

Kuroda - Cosmoflower

From Alice's garden, Aki Kuroda extracts the flowers, adopting a binary palette: red and black.Kuroda 110191, Cosmoflower, 2002 - 62,5 x 44 CMAki...

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Aki Kuroda - Fil d'Ariane

Kuroda - Ariadne's thread

It is thanks to Ariadne's thread that Aki Kuroda's emblematic silhouette finds a carnal appearance in the features of a woman. Her face and body, o...

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Aki Kuroda Cosmogarden

Kuroda - Cosmogarden

Kuroda 16166, Cosmogarden II, 2008 - 75 x 105 CMSince the 1990s, Aki Kuroda has been patiently and inexorably building Cosmogarden, a global wor...

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Aki Kuroda Cosmogarden

Kuroda - Figure Not Figure

L’humain, dans la peinture de Kuroda, semble revêtir une apparence presque géométrique, la figure est devenue symbole.Weeping through the light, ...

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