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I am pleased to welcome you on my website presenting my activities. You will find in the section Maeght, the history of the extraordinary life of my grandfather, Aimé Maeght, the Maeght Foundation, his galleries, his editions, books and engravings, I present his artistic choices and, of course, I attach information on his artist friends who accompanied him. Miró, Giacometti, Braque, Chillida...

You will find in the section Prints, my editions created by contemporary artists. Biographies and news of these artists can be found in Artists

Information is regularly added, press clippings, information on the exhibitions I organize or in which I participate.

Who is Yoyo Maeght

Yoyo Maeght is mainly active in the art world.

Yoyo Maeght grew up among artists and poets: Miró, Calder, Chagall, Giacometti, Prévert, Malraux, Aragon ... who have passed on to her a unique artistic sensitivity.

Her grandfather, Aimé Maeght, creator of the Maeght Foundation, bequeathed her his audacity, his determination and his passion for all forms of art. She was administrator of the Maeght Foundation, the Maeght Gallery and CEO of Maeght Éditeur.

Her passion for modern and contemporary art, her expertise and her desire to promote culture have led her to organize exhibitions for museums and art centers, both in France and abroad. She is also a company director in the cultural and artistic field, between private and public.

Yoyo Maeght is at the same time gallery owner, publisher, curator, judge, teacher and author of books including the best seller La Saga Maeght.

Yoyo Maeght conceives exhibitions which she curates, selects works, designs as well as the editorial follow-up of the catalogs. She organizes the communication and promotion by bringing together around her projects, sponsors, partners and media.
Very present on social networks, her programs are followed by several thousand Internet users.


Yoyo Maeght is the author of numerous books including : Maeght, la passion de l'Art Vivant, published by La Martinière, or Maeght, L'Art et la Vie, published by Gallimard and the best-seller La Saga Maeght. Author of prefaces to exhibition catalogs, she also wrote texts in more unexpected works such as: l'Europe à la Carte, published by Editions du Cherche Midi or Albert Ayler, testimonies on a holy ghost published by Le Mot et le reste...

In La Saga Maeght, Yoyo Maeght traces the public and intimate adventure of his family out of the ordinary.

The book La Saga Maeght by Yoyo Maeght, with dedication. Link here

La Saga Maeght is above all a homage to her grandfather.

She follows in the footsteps of her grandfather, this little kid from the North of France, orphan of the 14-18 war, who became a friend of the greatest artists of the 20th century. Gifted, visionary, gallery owner, publisher, patron, he built an artistic empire and created, for and with artists, the Maeght Foundation in Saint-Paul-de-Vence. She also evokes the fractures that will dislocate her family.

Yoyo delivers the memories of a chaotic childhood lived in a whirlwind of openings, parties, exhibitions, projects, failures and successes, between Paris, Saint-Paul-de-Vence and New York. She recounts with amusement the complicity that links her to Miró, Chagall, Braque, Prévert, Montand, Giacometti and all those who have guided her steps since her childhood.

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Yoyo Maeght is co-author of Maeght une histoire de famille for Dock en Stock productions, a 52' documentary broadcast on Arte. To evoke the human adventure of Maeght, she relies on the abundant archives established by Aimé Maeght including many filmed documents.

Magistracy - Teaching

In 2003, Yoyo Maeght became a magistrate, consular judge at the Commercial Court of Paris where she presided over the 14th and then the 12th chamber, specializing in the treatment of business difficulties. In 2020, she joined the specialized mediation center, EQUI-T.
Yoyo Maeght teaches at various structures and schools such as Drouot Formation, IESA - Institut Supérieur des Arts, the EAC group, the Sorbonne or the ICART.

Awards and distinctions

Medal of the City of Paris
Montblanc Prize for Culture
Chevalier in the National Order of Merit