Thierry Lefort - The wall of Burbank

In 2022, Thierry Lefort is invited by the city of Burbank to create a monumental work of more than 150 m2. All the stages of the creation were captured on video which will soon be the subject of a documentary.

In the spring of 2022, the city of Burbank, in the county of Los Angeles in California, confirms the order made to Thierry Lefort of a monumental work for a wall at the intersection of Orange Grove avenue and San Fernando boulevard. Thierry Lefort will spend the whole summer of 2022 creating the wall himself, adapting his model to the size of the wall.

The City of Burbank, in the county of Los Angeles, is the world capital of the media and the cinematographic industry with the studios of majors like The Walt Disney Company, Touchstone Pictures, ABC, Warner Bros, NBC or Warner Music.

Thierry Lefort, Burbank Print Project.

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