The Lunar Bird of Miró

Labyrinth of the Maeght Foundation

Aimé Maeght pays attention to the marble sculpture of Joan Miró "The Lunar Bird".

Excerpt from La Saga Maeght:
"My grandfather, fortunately, had the time to instill in me the passion for art and made this love for creation flow in my veins. The Foundation is love and freedom. The public is not mistaken. The demonstrations of tenderness towards this place are countless. At the Foundation, there is no aggressiveness, no one feels oppressed by knowledge, everyone is free to wander, to admire, to analyze or, simply, to spend a moment in nature, far from the hustle and bustle of the seaside.

Today, the Foundation includes the testimony of all those anonymous people who have passed through it. As a teenager, I was speechless in front of the Roman Pietà, whose contours have been softened by the caresses of millions of imploring hands.
In the labyrinth, how could I not make a connection with this fervor in front of Miró's monumental sculpture, "The Lunar Bird", which bears the traces of hands touching its marble. The original surface was matt, now the wingtips of this large white bird shine in the sun, worn by admiring touches.

Could Miró have dreamed of a more beautiful patina? It is the patina of time, the patina of the people who walk by and take possession of this work, the patina that no workshop can produce, that no fortune can afford. For me, the success of the Foundation is there, in this white marble polished by the love of anonymous people.../...
I have no nostalgia, I just savor the happiness of having seen all this, of having lived this history. My life is a wonderful adventure and what interests me is the adventure of tomorrow, unfortunately, it is far from the Foundation."
The book La Saga Maeght by Yoyo Maeght, with dedication. Link here