.Miró - Prévert - Adonides


Engravings by Joan Miró - Texts by Jacques Prévert - Aimé Maeght Editor, 1975

This book is the testimony of a friendship which has linked Joan Miró, Jacques Prévert and Aimé Maeght since the surrealist years. The project was born in 1955 and was not completed until 1975. It is the only bibliophile work carried out jointly by Miró and Prévert. They had, of course, participated together, and with others, in the magazines “Pierre à Feu” and “Derrière Le Miroir”, published by Maeght, but had never written a book together. The collaboration was total, because during a first test for which Miró proposed a completely successful collage model, Prévert disapproved. Strengthened by this refusal and humbled in the face of criticism, Miró goes back to work. He had the idea of ​​printing in relief, without inking, the woodcuts engraved in 1947. Ten proofs were taken from each of these woodcuts, and Miró, from there found his inspiration and developed his colorful art. The poet applauded and then decided, enthusiastically, to write directly on the boards.

Thus, this book, in which Prévert's writing is punctuated by Miró's engravings, is the result of two players, two acrobats, one playing with words, the other with forms. If there is a book that is perfect in every way, it is this one. The image is a poem, the poems are images. It is impossible to separate them.

For this book, Joan Miró uses and combines various techniques: etching, lithography, drypoint, paper stamping. A technical feat never before equaled. Jacques Prévert closely follows the production and writes directly on the lithographic plates so that his words dance in Miró's works. The poet died before the printing of 225 copies was completed, a facsimile of his signature was reproduced alongside the handwritten signatures of Joan Miró and Aimé Maeght at the end of the work. The work is therefore considered his last book.

The work includes a frontispiece and sixty-five pages in color etching and drypoint, most with stamping, as well as a double page out of text signed and numbered by Joan Miró.

The edition is limited to 225 copies on Arches vellum, all signed by the artist and the publisher, the author's signature being reproduced in facsimile.

Completed printing on December 3, 1975 by Arte, Maeght.

It remains Yoyo Maeght's favorite book, at his wedding, this poem was read:
"I am happy
He told me yesterday
that he loved me
I am happy and proud
and free as the day
He did not add
that it was forever."
Adonides by Jacques Prévert illustrations by Joan Miro Maeght Éditeur, Paris, 1975.