Kuroda - Cosmoflower

From Alice's garden, Aki Kuroda extracts the flowers, adopting a binary palette: red and black.

Kuroda 110191, Cosmoflower, 2002 - 62,5 x 44 CM

Aki declines the subject to exhaustion, as a virtuoso imposes his scales daily. His flowers metamorphose and take the form of a dress, a fish, a cat, a heart, animals, of course the rabbit of Alice, but also the elephant which symbolizes for Aki the danger that humans run to his own planet.

Kuroda 110095, Cosmoflower, 2002 - 62,5 x 44 CM

There is also this long red nose character. Aki Kuroda calls it Hana, which in Japanese means nose, perfume and flower. Aki Kuroda thus links his work to Japan once again and makes the link between the Western and Eastern worlds.
Kuroda 110090, Cosmoflower, 2002 - 62,5 x 44 CM

Kuroda 110093, Cosmoflower, 2002 - 62,5 x 44 CM

Now, what does this flower represent? Is it a drawing or an ideogram?
To each his answer. Aki likes to keep the mystery.