Pol Bury

An animated sculpture offered by Pol Bury to my grandfather.

Excerpt from "The Maeght Saga

Papy, who has always designed furniture and entrusted his decoration to the most contemporary designers, such as Jean-Michel Frank, André Arbus or Charlotte Perriand, convinces Mamy to leave the Avenue Foch and the Haussmannian alignments to settle on the left bank, on the Champ-de-Mars, Avenue Elisée-Reclus. The building is under construction and Papy can imagine his ideal apartment, an ultramodern duplex. As soon as we push the door, we are in his world. The entrance opens on two floors, the floor is made of shiny black marble - Grandma, whose eyesight is getting worse, is always afraid to slip. A sculptural stainless steel staircase, designed by Pol Bury, leads to the upper floor. On the steps, moving steel spheres punctuate the day with clanking sounds. Mamy's old German shepherd will break a leg there, after which my grandmother will only take the elevator to reach the only part of the apartment where Aimé did not have a say, i.e. his bedroom, his dressing room and his small living room. The huge entrance is lit by a monumental chandelier by Diego Giacometti that draws the eye upwards, allowing the discovery of the large railings of the loggia, works by Miró made of engraved and painted Plexiglas.

Carved and animated wood by Pole Bury.