Pierre Tal Coat, the silence

Wall of the Foundation by Pierre Tal Coat, 1964, stone and marble mosaic, 4670 x 310 cm

The painter Tal Coat (1905-1985) exhibited his paintings for the first time in the now famous Maeght Gallery, at the age of 49, in 1954. Abstract works essentially inspired by his native Brittany (his father was a fisherman). In 1960, he shows his drawings of the period Aix (1947-1950), region where, on several occasions, he meditates the lesson of Cézanne. He made the mosaic of the wall of the Maeght Foundation, a great success where we perceive his sense of the material.

Pierre Tal Coat in his studio, Saint-Pierre-de-Bailleul, 1972.

"Tal Coat is often with us. All his life, he has been obsessed with finding new materials, new mediums. He wants whites, absolutely pure and matte whites, moreover he went to Spain to study the whites of Velázquez. Will say Aimé Maeght of his artist of which he will publish many series of prints and who, in 1968, participates in the traveling exhibition across the United States "Painting in France". Tal Coat often stays in Saint-Paul, his daughter, Pierrette, accompanies him. With Isabelle Maeght she shares the sense of family, their sons are the same age. They continue to unveil this atypical work by organizing, long after the death of the painter, masterful exhibitions.

Pierre Tal Coat, L’Âge de fer I, 1956, oil on canvas, 153 x160 cm.

Pierre Tal Coat, Sans titre , ink on paper, 27,5 x22 cm.

Pierre Tal Coat at a vernissage.