Art and Poetry - Munch and Raillant

Poem by Maurice Ralliant, "Sonnet", 1899
Painting by Edward Munch, "The Starry Night", 1923
What does the Night think of, when the soul of the marshes
Rise in the white air to so many strange voices,
And with sobs that make angels cry
The nightingale modulates in the middle of the forests?…
What does the Night think of, when the glow worm
Lights emerald shivers in the hollows,
When murmur and perfume, like a zephyr that prowls,
Cross the vague shadow where lukewarmness descends?…
She dreams while wetting the earth with her tears
That she is more beautiful, having the mystery of charms,
May the day be full of light and noise.
And, her big eyes open to the stars, the Night
Intoxicated with secret his morose ecstasies,
Aspire long and hard for the magic of things.