Amelie Joos - Biography

Born in Ulm, Amélie Joos studied Art at the Akademie der bildenden Künste Stuttgart 1990-1994 in Germany. She obtained a post-graduate diploma from the Franco-German Youth Office to study at the École Supérieur d'Art d'Avignon 1994-1997. She obtained her DNSEP in 1997.
From 1998 to 2003, Amélie Joos studied Art History at the University of Aix-Marseille - Maîtrise in 2003.

Amélie Joos lives and works in Avignon. In 2000, she represented the city of Avignon for the international art exhibition in Norway, gathering artists from nine European cultural capitals. She has received several awards in Germany, including the "Sparkasse Neu-Ulm" award for her paintings and sculptures. She regularly exhibits her work in France and abroad.
Sehnsucht, detail series, 2016-17, oil on paper.
In her work, Amélie Joos questions the states of mind, the emotions of beings and their relationship to each other through different modes of expression.
Her artistic practice is rooted in a chimerical world that is both highly personal and universal. These hybrid representations range from a girl sleeping in a bird's nest to a golden house hanging with a ladder attached.   
"Je suis", oil on paper, 24 x 18, 2017
Exhibitions in France:
- Montpellier: Espace Aldebaran, Agnes B, Galerie Multiple and the Number 5 Gallery
- Sète : at the castle of Beaucet; Chapel of the high district, the workshop of the spiral
- Paris : Montparnasse Museum, Simple Gallery
- Carpentras: the chapel of the College
- Avignon : Gallery Ducastel Parcours de l'Art, Artephile, Cloître Saint Louis, peacock feathers
- Malaucène : Martagon Gallery
- Isle sur la Sorgue : Campredon art center 

International exhibitions : 
- Tokyo (Japan): Bazar and Garde à manger gallery
- Florence-Vinci (Italy)
- Bergen (Norway)
- Berlin (Germany) : Gallery on the mountain, Pavlov's Gallery
- Ulm (Germany): Künstlerhaus Art Center, Griesbadgasse Gallery and Im Kornhauskeller Gallery)