Aki Kuroda - Cosmogarden project II - print

Edition of 75, signed and numbered by the artist.
Size 76 x 56 cm / 29,9 x 22 inch.
Original lithograph.
Maeght Edition, 2002.
Unframed, shipped rolled.

These figures that are reborn outside the earth and outside the body are the itinerant and wandering figures of the cosmos. More foreign than the foreigner, if it is possible to be even more than the word says, they inhabit the color, the fall and the line. They seem to have no more destiny nor end. They rise from the sea, cross the space without respite, stop for a moment at the chance of a line performance, tip over again, sometimes cross each other. But the words they exchange are still inaudible to us. A decomposed, incomposed, disarticulated mythology fell from the Earth into the sea so that Cosmogarden could finally bloom. 

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