Aki Kuroda - Blue Night - print

Edition of 35, signed and numbered by the artist.
Size 32,5 x 25,5 cm / 12,7 x 10 inch
Original linocut.
Maeght Edition, 2008. 
Unframed, shipped flat.

In the night, Aki Kuroda is waiting. The other, something else, the accident of the imperfect God. What comes from the "other side", from the dark side, hidden, unconscious, unknown or cosmic. The figures are ahead of all our predictions. As they rise from the sea, their spirit comes from elsewhere, from colors, from space, from vertigo, from stars and islands: it is the baptism of the cosmos, the kiss of the universe, the throw of an impossible flower that opens the painting and the body to the infinite.
                                                                            Marguerite Duras about Aki Kuroda's work
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