Paul Reyberolle (1926-2005) exhibited for the first time at the Maeght Gallery in 1967. He found the way to make the force of painting pass in a single gesture in the vibration of the painting," writes Michel Foucault. The artist recomposes the forms, cuts the silhouettes. He stands entirely in his canvases with all his strength and his anger.

With him, the horror becomes a great feeling. "When a canvas speaks, the painter makes literature," wrote Sartre in a preface he dedicated to him. It remains one of the Maeght artists who will have been the most contested. It will take all the strength of conviction of Aimé Maeght for the Galeries Nationales du Grand Palais to present his work in 1979, Maeght publishes the catalog. The large walls of the Foundation that regularly host his large paintings, give rise to a desire for a permanent presentation of his work. So he opened his own Foundation near Limoges in Eymoutiers. In the spring of 2000, he conceived for the Maeght Foundation what would turn out to be his ultimate retrospective.

"...Almost no one dares to notice today, or dares to say, what however jumps to the eyes: it is that the most indirect forms of art are also those which allow the impostors to dissimulate their absence of being.
Formidable, no?
However, this extract of text is not recent, it was not written in front of an installation or a recent conceptual work, no it dates from 1967. 55 years!
It is signed by Claude Roy, an immense writer who is too little known, and it appears in this Derrière Le Miroir, published by my grandfather on the occasion of an exhibition by Paul Rebeyrolle.
I think it's great that Claude Roy dares to use the term impostor. I often read and reread this text, which remains terribly topical.


Rebeyrolle and the complete series " Portrait imaginaire de Jean Jeanneret ". Who was at the same time artist, photographer and filmmaker.

"Oiseau Noir"

"Oiseau de Malheur"

"Grenouilles III"

"Ampoule et grillage"

"Appareils en lutte contre la force de nos rêves"


"Béret vert"


"Ennemi détruit"

"Enquête d'opinion"

"Machoire sous le robinet"


"Nu déchiré"



"Un courant d'opinion"