Le Pian-Médoc: Los Angeles airs at Château Malleret 

By Marine Jay
Until June 8, for the 60th anniversary of the Bordeaux/Los Angeles twinning, the picture rails of the Château Malleret cellars redesigned by the architect Sylvain Dubuisson welcome the paintings of the painter Thierry Lefort. The French artist divides his time between Saint-Ouen-sur-Seine and Los Angeles. It offers a modern vision of the USA. His painting, anchored in the Californian universe, combines figuration and abstraction. His compositions present a city from which humans seem absent, but faced with the colorful canvases, the spectator becomes an actor and immerses himself in the imagined city. “For 7 years,” explains the artist, “I have been exploring and exploiting all aspects of California, from shadows to palm trees, from clouds to wide roads…” This is thanks to Aymar du Vivier, one of the masters of the castle , that Thierry Lefort exhibits these urban landscapes, in a scenography imagined by Yoyo Maeght. The gallery owner brings paintings and sculptures into dialogue for the first time.
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