.Miró - DLM

From the opening of his gallery in 1945, Aimé Maeght accompanied the exhibitions with the edition of a “Derrière Le Miroir” (DLM) bringing together lithographs by artists and original texts by poets and writers. There will be 253 DLMs!
This is the DLM published for the Joan Miró exhibition at Galerie Maeght in June 1956, the exhibition featured 34 ceramics by Miró made with Josep Llorens-Artigas.

This DLM includes the poems by Jacques Prévert "Miroir Mirò" and "Oasis Mirò", as well as a text by Josep Llorens-Artigas illustrated with 3 original lithographs by Joan Miró.
Each DLM is an opportunity for Miró to deploy all his creativity, his fantasy, his sense of balance between image and texts.
Joan Miró is a fantastic lithography technician, which he shows us in Behind the Mirror.


The book The Maeght Saga by Yoyo Maeght, with dedication. Link here

The Maeght Saga by Yoyo Maeght