Alberto Giacometti, in his Paris studio, working on a portrait among his sculpture projects, one can recognize the plaster of "Diego's Big Head" and "The Walking Man", both of which will adorn the Giacometti Court at the Maeght Foundation. Photo by Ernst Scheidegger.

Alberto Giacometti, "Isaku Yanaihara", 1961.

"I had started posing with the frivolous idea that it would be a nice souvenir to have my portrait painted by Giacometti, and as the days with him went by I finally began to understand what a fantastic experience I had embarked upon: in my whole life I had never had such a valuable experience and probably never would again. I had learned not only what the work of a true artist is, but also what true human freedom is. I discovered a depth and breadth in reality that I had not suspected before, the truth that I had sought within philosophy or art now appeared to me with striking immediacy."
Alberto Giacometti


On 28 July 1964, a few hours before the inauguration of the Maeght Foundation, Alberto Giacometti wandered alone into the room dedicated to him.

Magnificent, Alberto Giacometti with his sculpture "L'Objet invisible".

The Invisible Object, a major work from 1934, is a turning point in the artist's career between cubism and surrealism.
A superb representation of the woman, here with long tapered fingers that come together and seem to hold an absent object, as a perfect illustration of Surrealism.