Jacques Monory

Jacques Monory is a French artist (1934 - 2018).
He studied graphic design, painting, fresco and decoration at a school of applied arts. He worked ten years for the art publisher Delpire (artistic direction). Jacques Monory is in contact with the world of photographic documents, reproductions, magazines and art books.

Jacques Monory was one of the main representatives of the "Narrative Figuration" movement, which in the 1960s opposed both abstract, geometric, kinetic or informal painting and the art of the New Realists. 
His paintings suggest heavy and threatening atmospheres. Themes are developed through series of paintings and the images he uses are directly from modern civilization. Photographic and cinematographic borrowings, the use of monochrome, the coldness of the touch and the composition characterize a singular style and commitment to representation.
His works are immediately recognizable, the subjects and dramatic atmospheres evoke American novels and films noirs, his blue nights have influenced many filmmakers.
For me he is much more than a Hyperrealist or one of the main representatives of the Narrative Figuration. He remains a unique personality, on the fringe of artistic trends and fashions.

This artist that my grandfather, Aimé Maeght, defended, dedicating three exhibitions to him at the Maeght Gallery in Paris and who is one of the pillars of the "Narrative Figuration", never had an exhibition in the USA.
It was important to me that New Yorkers discover and know this artist whose work is full of references to American literature and cinema.
And so it is done!
So I had the pleasure of working on the organization of his first exhibition in the USA, at the Richard Taittinger Gallery, in 2018. It was a pleasure and an honor for me to give his work the international exposure it deserves.

I think it was a great joy for Jacques to finally be introduced to the American public who are fed on Pop Art and who were unaware of the "Narrative Figuration" movement. The exhibition was a success among collectors, museums and the press.

Here I am, in 2008, with Alain Seban who was then president of the Centre Pompidou and Jacques Monory at the exhibition I presented at the Maeght Gallery with his paintings from the "Technicolor" series. A few months later, an exhibition "Tiger" was presented at the Maeght Foundation.

For the Football Cup of 1982, Maeght published 12 posters for the twelve Spanish cities hosting the matches. The one for the city of Vigo is signed Jacques Monory who is one of the main representatives of the Narrative Figuration movement.
Deeply concerned with the violence of everyday reality, Monory suggests heavy and threatening atmospheres. Although his work is often bathed in a blue monochrome, the artist has found warmer hues to evoke football and Spain.
I love the idea of inscribing Vigo and 82 on the shirt.
Jacques Monory, who has always been accompanied by dogs, strokes Giacometti's in the courtyard of the Maeght Foundation.


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