DLM - Derrière Le Miroir

The great passion of Aimé Maeght will remain the edition, including publishing Derrière Le Miroir - DLM, for each exhibition in his gallery. Large format often printed in lithography, the first DLM is published in 1946. The collection will have 253 issues. 

Large booklet, almost 40 cm high, with unbound pages, each volume is a creation of the exhibited artist, almost always composed of original lithographs and embellished with a text of a contemporary writer. My grandfather used to offer them to visitors on the evenings of openings.

My grandfather, Aimé Maeght, listening to Marc Chagall, working on the litho cover of a DLM that will accompany the next Chagall exhibition at the Maeght Gallery. 

Each DLM includes an insert "The chronicles of living art" which includes reviews of exhibitions of Maeght artists, both in the gallery and in museums. There are detailed projects, editions to be published, press reviews and a wealth of information on the artists Maeght. In the fever of 1968, this booklet becomes, under the direction of Jean Clair, L'Art vivant, a monthly magazine with international distribution (120,000 readers) with one rule: to say everything about everything: cinema, theater, dance, music ...
Derrière Le Miroir n°1 - Le Noir est une Couleur - First Derrière le Miroir, it accompanies the exhibition at the Galerie Maeght in 1946. Original texts in French by KOBER, MATISSE, ROUAULT and MARCHAND. 8 pages including 6 original lithograph illustrations by Geer van Velde.

Derrière Le Miroir n°2 - published in 1947 to accompany the MARCHAND exhibition at the Maeght Gallery. Original texts by SEUPHOR, GUILLY and KOBER. 8 pages with 6 original lithograph illustrations.