David Storey - Biography

David Storey is a contemporary artist who lives and works in Brighton, England. His studio is located in an old Victorian dairy. David Storey creates haunting images of vaguely remembered scenes that play with memory. His work is strongly influenced by the landscapes of his youth, in particular the small town of Workington where the artist grew up, and the beautiful shores of the Solway Firth where he spent his vacations.
‘In Shallow Water’, oil and mixed media on canvas, 45.5 x 61 cm.

David's characters are the most striking part of his work, with their faces composed of shadows. These characters are described by David as "reimagined people standing on the edge of living memory, retrieved from personal archives of oblivion". His ideas come from what everyday life offers him, for example an old photograph that comes to hand and can resonate to the point of awakening his memories, no nostalgia, only the memory of the image.
David Storey studied at Hornsey College of Art and Middlesex University, before earning his living as a record cover designer. But his life has always been devoted to his art. His paintings have been featured in multiple exhibitions since his first at the Brighton Museum and Art Gallery in 2003. Career highlights include being selected for the "Discerning Eye" exhibition at the Mall Galleries in 2019 and 2020, being a finalist in the Sunday Times Watercolor Exhibition in 2012, and having numerous solo exhibitions at Panter and Hall in London.

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I am pleased to announce the dates of his upcoming solo exhibition in London at Panter and Hall Gallery in St. James, London. June 15 - July 2, 2022.