Self-Portraits - Picasso

Born in 1881 in Malaga, Pablo Ruiz Picasso spent his youth in Spain. In 1891, his father, a painter, accepted a teaching position at the "La Corogne" drawing school. Picasso was 10 years old and practiced drawing when he could barely read. In 1895, he moved with his family to Barcelona, ​​his father taught at the very academic School of Fine Arts and thanks to him, Picasso, only 14 years old, could exceptionally pass the entrance examination. He turns out to be a real prodigy and is immediately admitted. The school's teaching is classical and Picasso very quickly and perfectly masters drawing and painting. Two years later, he entered the competition for the Royal Academy of Madrid. His success there is as brilliant as in Barcelona. At 16, Picasso reached the highest artistic level of the best art schools in Spain.
1889 Picasso and the painter Casagemas
1895 Self-portrait with a relative
1896 Self-Portrait
Self-Portrait 1896
The brilliant talent of Picasso.
Self-portrait from 1896, he was only 15 years old.
1900 Self-Portrait "Yo"
1901 Blue self-portrait
Self-portrait of Picasso, there he is 20 years old.
1901 is a terrible year for Picasso, his great friend from Barcelona, ​​Carlos Casagemas, commits suicide, despite the pain Picasso paints the portrait of his friend on his deathbed.
Haunted by death, Picasso began a series of paintings in cold tones, almost exclusively blue. He paints himself many times, he sees himself in the guise of a much older man.
1901 Self-portrait with a partner
1901 Self-Portrait "Yo"
1901 Self-Portrait "Yo"
1901 Self-Portrait
1901 (study) Self-Portrait
1902 Self-Portrait
1906 Self-Portrait
1906 Self-Portrait
1906 Self-Portrait
1906 Self-Portrait
1907 Self-Portrait
1917 penciled Self-portrait
1940 Self-Portrait
1940 "Silhouette of Picasso and young girl crying"
1965 "Seated Man"
1966 Self-portrait in a sketchbook
In 1958, Picasso bought the Château de Vauvenargues, a 14th century building near Aix-en-Provence, at the foot of the Sainte-Victoire mountain.
The Mediterranean in the south of France remains for Picasso a place of life but also a place of incredible artistic production. It is there that he leans on ancestral creative techniques such as ceramics and that he returns to the sources of the history of art in reinventing certain iconographic myths. The Mediterranean reminds him of his native Spain, between sunbathing and bullfights.
1972 Self-Portrait
1972 "Self-portrait facing death"
1972 "Head" Self-Portrait
1972 Last Self-Portrait
Picasso was 90 years old when he painted this last self-portrait, shortly before his death on April 8, 1973.
In this look, I suspect a panic fear of death, but also a naivety, even an amusement of life.
Hats off to the artist.