Art and Poetry - Nolde and Verlaine

Emil Nolde, "Autumn Evening", 1924
Paul Verlaine
Among the oppressive heat
Whose summer roasts us,
Here is slipping, still slow
And shy, in truth,

On the waters and among the leaves,
Even in your street, oh Paris,
The barren street where you mourn
Such perfumes never dry up,

Pantin, Aubervilliers, prodigy
Chemistry and its games,
Here comes the breeze, I say,
The breeze with its courageous bursts...

The purifying breeze
Morbid languors of yesteryear,
The claiming breeze
Who says to the plague: go away!

And who gluttonous with laziness
Of the poet and the worker,
Who encourages them and urges them...
“Long live the breeze!” we must shout:

"Long live the breeze, finally, of autumn
After all these hell simouns,
The good breeze that gives us
That healthy first winter chill!