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January 5, 1914, this photo alongside Georges and Marcelle Braque, in 1950.
"In memory of our questions, of our problems, of our anxieties as beginner painters, of our hopes too, I say to you… work for you, only for you. It is the best of ourselves…
Ever since “it” sells – I'm taken into consideration – I'm told on the road to stardom, it's over, my friend… There's nothing left. That empties… I lost my universe and my silence. I go blind. Ah, God…go back! To be nobody for others and everything for myself...
If you have not yet lost your world, guard it jealously, defend it against invasion; I'm dying..."
Nicolas de Stael
Letter addressed to Madeleine Haupert who was a painter, friend of Nicolas de Staël.
Giacometti in his Paris studio photographed by his friend Ernst Scheidegger.
Jean Cocteau in socks with his astronauts, on the huge work he designed for the "Earth and Cosmos" exhibition, presented at the Palais de la Découverte in 1958. You have to look at every detail, it's amazing.