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Great, very great men and what class!
Louis Aragon, Aimé Maeght and Marc Chagall. My grandfather had brought together the artist and the poet in a book printed in a few copies.
The oldest, Chagall, born in 1887, then comes Aragon, born in 1897 and a young man, my grandfather born in 1906.
Thanks to them for inventing a little piece of the 20th century, each in a field, but always in art and culture. Thank you also for their generosity, we enjoy every day what they left us.

Marc Chagall seems satisfied with his work and his ceramics.
It can be! They are magnificent, and he, who was a genius of color, knew how to use the subtleties of enamel to enhance his art.

Irresistible, both!
Pablo Picasso and Lee Miller, Liberation of Paris, 1944.
What can we say about Lee Miller as his life is made up of encounters, beauty, horrors and talents?
Her whole life is exciting and resilient, having been raped when she was only 7 years old! American photographer, artist and model, Lee Miller rubbed shoulders with important photographers while working as a model. In 1929, she moved to Paris, where she became Man Ray's assistant. She posed for Vogue, for which she also became a correspondent. She lives between New York, Paris and Cairo. During World War II, she was a war correspondent for the United States Army. She reveals in photography the horror of the Buchenwald and Dachau concentration camps. His photographs are both exceptional documents in their journalistic quality while being of perfect composition and great beauty.
She made countless photographs of the artistic community of the time.
In 1947, Miller married Roland Penrose, an English artist and collector, with whom she collaborated on biographies of Picasso, Miró, Man Ray and Tàpies.
In the vast majority of images as a model, Miller has been idealized as the embodiment of perfect beauty, grace and serenity.
Picasso knew that the real woman was more than a beautiful face and a beautiful body. He painted it many times. We read the desire in Picasso's eyes and we feel the resistance of Lee Miller.
In 1965, who is behind the devices?
Paul Newman and his children, in the streets of Saint Paul de Vence, not far from our house. There's no denying that when you've got it, you've got it!
Memories of complicity, Ai Weiwei and Yoyo, in 2016.