Thierry Lefort in a few lines

Thierry Lefort was born in 1967. It was at the age of twelve, untouched by any theoretical and technical learning, that he picked up pencils, brushes, pastels and produced his first drawings and his first paintings. It's the revelation, he finds his own way of apprehending the world, its light, its colors and above all its beauty. Then it is Chinese calligraphy, practiced in Henan province in China, which leads him to a greater clarity of line.

In 2021, Yoyo Maeght devotes an exhibition to him in Paris, followed by another in 2022. Other exhibitions take place in Bordeaux or Aix en Provence.

From this collaboration, several prints are published, and also quickly sold out.

In 2022, Thierry Lefort is invited by the city of Burbank to create a monumental work of more than 150 m2. All the stages of the creation were captured on video which will soon be the subject of a documentary.

As an extension of the adventure of his remarkable monumental painting produced in Burbank, Thierry Lefort is preparing a print that takes up this emblematic landscape of the hills of Los Angeles.

Thierry Lefort, Wall of +150 m2 in Burbank, California. 2022

Thierry Lefort, Burbank Print Project.

Thierry Lefort, Exhibition Paris, 2022. Yoyo Maeght Curator

The thief of light, Oil on canvas, 2023, 195 x 87
The door of the angels (9 canvases), 240 x 240 cm oil on canvas
A plane for two , Oil on canvas, 2023, 92 x 73 cm
Who is this girl Oil on canvas, 2023, 215 x 120 cm
Hollywood now 10 - 65 x 50 cm
Hollywood now 11 - 65 x 50 cm

Thierry Lefort, Château de Sannes exhibition, 2022

Thierry Lefort, exhibition Paris, 2021