Yoyo Maeght - My favorites from Carré sur Seine

During three days of Carré sur Seine, "experts" receive artists, each one has 20 minutes to present himself and receive our comments or advice.
I consider that I am not there to judge their work, all have a place in the art world, I try rather to help them to be known and to have more visibility.
I have had a few favorites that I present here. Follow them closely!

Basile Boon

Ceramics, rather surreal sculptural objects and large enameled wall decorations. Amazing! 

Elsa Dray Farges

Amazing sculptures in paper mache or paintings that brought back in my memory the macabre dances (always very joyful) or the medieval illuminations, but with a very contemporary expression.

Anne Emery

Paintings built between abstraction and figuration. Perfect compositions.

Eric Delaville

Coated tar paints, a rare sensitivity today.

Félix Klajnerman

A reading and rereading of the history of art in painting not devoid of humor.

Tiziano Foucault-Gini

A double work of photographs in the heart of the action and drawings, often in scale 1, which delivers a realistic look at our time.

Jeoffrey Usal

Sculptures that the polishing and the balance make float and come alive with our reflection. Monumental installation of megalithic alignment "2.0" more than 200 meters long. 12 works of UJY will be aligned on the coastal path of the Gulf of Morbihan, the foreshore and a wooded park on a peninsula, monumental ephemeral work where sits the rigor and freedom; to go through it will be a progression ... interior.