November 2022 in Paris - Yoyo Maeght presents:

November 15 to 20 - Thierry Lefort - "Fahrenheit" Recent paintings
November 23 to 29 - Aki Kuroda - "Secrets d'atelier" 30 years of creation
Hanging of works by Amélie Joos - First presentation in Paris

43 rue de Montmorency - Paris 3
from 12 p.m. to 7 p.m.

To host these important exhibitions, I chose a gallery a few steps from the Center Pompidou. Three impressive rooms for each exhibition and a fourth room which brings together works on paper and prints by artists that I represent or publish. Aki Kuroda, Amélie Joos, Thierry Lefort, Richard Texier, Ivan Messac, David Storey…


Thierry Lefort

I am presenting Thierry Lefort's most recent works, thus extending a collaboration that began in 2021 and which has since seen many projects come to fruition: Exhibitions in Paris and outside the walls, editions of prints...

This new Parisian exhibition takes place over just 6 days, from November 15 to 20, 2022. The works were partly designed in California.

● Paintings
Californian urban landscapes, a theme dear to Thierry Lefort who shuns the label of figurative painter. His large polyptychs, in the juxtaposition of multiple canvases, testify that figuration is never more than the assembly of various abstractions. In the end, only the balance of the composition counts and remains.
14 oils on canvas – Format from 130 x 97 cm to 240 x 240 cm See the paintings exhibited here

● Inks
An impressive series of works on paper, some more than 2m high, produced in Los Angeles, completes the perception of California that Thierry Lefort gives us. Thierry Lefort has developed his own material, his own blue ink for this emblematic series.

12 inks on paper – format from 65 x 50 cm to 200 x 130 cm

● Hualapai
In the extremes and paradoxes that the artist likes, Thierry Lefort escaped for a few days from Burbank to drive towards the Grand Canyon. There, he painted the huge in tiny. These paintings make us switch into a loss of scale and dimension, called "Hualapai" from the name of the first tribe to inhabit the Grand Canyon which means the "People of the great pines" that Thierry Lefort had fun changing into " People of the great painters". 10 oils on laminated canvas – format 17.9 x 12.6 cm See the Hualapai here

● A 70 x 50 cm print, limited to 50 copies, is published on the occasion of this exhibition.

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Aki Kuroda

For more than 40 years I have accompanied Aki Kuroda in the presentation of his work to the public. It is with jubilation that I organize his exhibitions for Museums, Galleries, Art Centers or Biennials.

The Secrets d'atelier exhibition puts great historical paintings in dialogue with never-before-exhibited works on paper, works that span more than three decades.


Amelie Joos

The sensitivity and talent of Amélie Joos touched me. His drawings, imbued with poetry and sometimes with spleen, always have a great sweetness.

Amélie Joos' drawings, often in a small format conducive to an intimate narrative, are generally born in the form of automatic writing. With a single stroke, often impulsive, even aggressive, the interior images are translated without sketches, in a direct and immediate way on the sheet.

The presence of writing is never trivial. It is an integral part of the work, creating a balance that is both semantic and pictorial. The artist juggles with languages, more precisely with English, French and German (his mother tongue).