Aki Kuroda - Mythology

Emblematic subject of the work of Aki Kuroda, the bull or Minotaur.

Minosideral yellow green
Kuroda 111615, Minotaur, 2016/2019 - 180 cm

It was through the magazine Minotaure that, in his childhood, Aki Kuroda discovered surrealist artists. But Aki's Minotaur has escaped from the Labyrinth, like a bull in the arena, he shakes up the work in the daily life of the studio.

Kuroda 14574, Minotaur, 2005 - 300 x 200 cm
Aki Kuroda combines mythologies, astrophysics and space-time, mixing past, present and future. Thus we come across in his work the Taurus which gives birth to the Minotaur which lurks in the labyrinth. To reach it and escape the labyrinth, Ariane guides us, her thread runs through the studio as well as through exhibitions or Aki's performances. In his own mythology, is Aki trying to find this Ariadne's thread? The one who will free him from his maze.


The labyrinth is painting, me, you… There are also several figures with always the same cast shadows. And many animals, monsters. Of course, there are also the bubbles. They are perfect spheres in the chaos, and around the spheres, other bubbles, of soap, this time imperfect, like gelatin. And at the same time, it's the universe, the earth. You can still see jumping fish. And more green plants coming out of town.
Aki Kuroda.

15207 Minocity, 2006, 270 x 320 CM Kuroda 15207, Minocity, 2006 - 270 x 320 cm

Minosidereal Kuroda Kuroda 14114, Minosidereal, 2005 - 100 cm