Kuroda - The worlds of Aki Kuroda

Aki Kuroda likes to create worlds where the three axes of life are mixed and intertwined: the past, the present and the future.

Aki Kuroda questions the place of human beings in the universe. He plays and makes fun of all the dimensions, of all the distances, patiently, he explores the cosmos, the time, the silence, the night.

In spaces that overlap and sometimes collide, Alice meets the rabbit, the Minotaur watches, the planets wander, Ariadne's thread guides us through the labyrinth, mysterious animals fly over cities that emerge from the space night and organize themselves so that the human figure finds its place in their meanders.

In Aki Kuroda's work, the themes come and go without any care for chronology, some of them are omnipresent and emerge at the whim of the creation. This is why the dates of realization have no importance for Aki Kuroda.
In his work, subjects and themes appear, disappear and reappear in the course of time, over the years.

What is important to him is to allow the passage between the different expressions of his art, but also between eras, civilizations, materiality and immateriality, between the sidereal void of the Cosmos and our planet.