Aki Kuroda - Documentary Ophelia

Sunday July 25, at 2 p.m. - 3 p.m. - 4 p.m. - 5 p.m. - 6 p.m., free entry, screening of the documentary directed by Antoine Campo on Aki Kuroda.
26 minutes to discover the performance of the Franco-Japanese artist in the creation and erasure of "Ophélia", a work painted by Aki Kuroda on the walls of La Manufacture, Galerie Axelle Gaussen in La Rochelle. At the end of a year of exhibition, the artist erases his work in an act of overwhelming intensity.
Christian Berst Gallery
10 rue Chapon Paris 3.
Aki Kuroda never ceases to give an unexpected consistency to the
famous formula of Shakespeare, dislocating with the jubilation of a young
man the course of time, for the greatest pleasure of our sensibilities
starving. His latest fresco created at La Manufacture Galerie Axelle
Gaussen from La Rochelle astonishes with the breathtaking energy that flows through it.
The one that Duras had anticipated as an alter ego is having fun
to confirm the painting in absolutely free writing, always capable of
playing with space-time, the cosmos and thought. After getting closer
the greatest scientists like Hubert Reeves as well as immense
writers or thinkers like Pascal Quignard or Michel Foucault,
Aki Kuroda returns to his fascination with Shakespeare by making a
Ophélienne fresco guided by the director and videographer Antoine
Field. The ephemeral work Cosmogarden Ophelia by Aki Kuroda, painted
on the walls of an old 17th century farm, was exhibited
for one year. At the end of this cycle the artist returned to erase his work.
The memory of this creation is safeguarded by an art documentary
directed by Antoine Campo which testifies to the unprecedented performance of
the Franco-Japanese artist.