Kuroda - Cosmocity: the city as seen by Aki Kuroda

"Over the years, "Cosmocity" has become a major part of Aki Kuroda's pictorial universe, which is always renewed.
Kuroda 11117, Sans titre, 2001 - 270 x 160 CM
He presents an everyday universe, remodeled by his eyes, where the city, with its overly rational forms, becomes a meeting space between spectators and creators. He continues his experiment by scrutinizing the fragments of city life and the space where people live their daily routine. Aki Kuroda explores the urban geography and the place of man in this complex universe, in the manner of a pictorial urbanist.

Kuroda 13920, Cosmocity I, 2004 - 300 x 200 CM
Eternal nomad, constantly pushing back the borders, physical or psychological, beyond the East and the West, nourished by his travels, his readings, he never stops questioning the earth, the universe, the cosmos, to enter a new space-time. Past, present, and future are mixed here in a puzzle where the mineral and the organic, the masculine and the feminine, are completed. He is looking for a space where speed finds an appeasement, a break, a passage."

Press release - Théâtre des Sablons, 2015

      Kuroda 15299, Cosmocity XII, 2007 - 160 x 270 CM 
In my paintings, there are many details. Here, a cup of coffee. Here, my rabbit who has taken the place of the Minotaur in my paintings. The rabbit is a kind of guide like in "Alice in Wonderland" but in my labyrinth!
Kuroda 111227, Cosmocity, 2013 - 64 x 91 CM
Cosmocity paintings are the representation of my conception of "the city", its history, the History, the history of art etc... It is the basis of painting when working with real life.

Aki Kuroda

Kuroda 14259, Cosmocity VII, 2005 - 81 x 130 CM