Aki Kuroda - Cosmogarden

16166 Cosmogarden II, 2008 - 75 x 105 CM

Kuroda 16166, Cosmogarden II, 2008 - 75 x 105 CM

Since the 1990s, Aki Kuroda has patiently and inexorably built Cosmogarden, a global work composed of performance shows where he combines his work with that of other creators expressing themselves in fields such as contemporary dance, theater, music, astronomy or architecture.

16506 Cosmogarden - city - XXI century, 2008 - 300 x 600 CM
Kuroda 16506, Cosmogarden city XXI century, 2008 - 300 x 600 CM

aki kuroda exhibition

Paris - Nikki Marquardt Gallery

I believe it is Aki's waking dream, the materialization and shaping of all the subjects and questions that accompany his art on a daily basis. This is why the workshop is much more than a place of manufacturing, it is the closed universe where chaos is free to grow.

aki kuroda cosmocity

Aki Kuroda, Cosmocity

In a permanent mutation, the creative elements, paintings, sculptures, objects or photos, find their place and consolidate the strange buildings which punctuate the scenography of Cosmogarden. The workshop is the laboratory of Cosmogarden, Aki Kuroda's imaginary garden, where the works flower, flourish and gain their freedom, their autonomy. They are ready to leave the workshop.

Aki Kuroda 16573 Cosmogarden VIII, 2009 - 31 x 40.5 CM

Kuroda 16573, Cosmogarden VIII, 2009 - 31 x 40.5 CM

My subject for about twenty years has been “Cosmogarden”. Which means that everything is a garden: the body, the city, the garden, you, me… Everything exists there. Its history is that of the world. And all this is moving. There are waves, changes constantly. The key word of my work is “Inside out
/ Outside in”… You know, I like to walk around town. It invades me. And, after a while, it's my mind that comes to her. A kind of interiority that comes out. There, I create my secret corner. It is a place where daily life becomes stronger, more dynamic. Because I am neither Japanese nor French. I am uprooted. So I always need to have the feeling of living in a more dynamic way with the city which is increasingly becoming my subject.
Aki Kuroda

15537, Cosmogarden X, 2007 - 65 x 100 CM

Kuroda 15537, Cosmogarden X, 2007 - 65 x 100 CM

Cosmogarden - Galerie Depardieu contemporary art

111603, CosmoGarden elephant, 2018 - 195 x 130 CM
Kuroda 111603, Cosmogarden elephant, 2018 - 195 x 130 CM

Like the revolution of the earth around the sun and the stars in translation, the universe of Cosmogarden governs everything that happens around us, here and elsewhere.

And, it is in this cosmos that Aki lowers the boundaries of his art where temporality does not exist. Cosmogarden envelops us and rocks us. But Cosmogarden not only defines the cosmos, at least Aki's cosmos, it also describes a garden. But what is this garden? Just like an admonishing character in a painting, the term “garden” appears here as an invitation.

It is an invitation from Aki for those who observe him, who read him, those who seek to understand his work. Aki takes us by the hand and takes us to his garden where we will meet his knowledge. His knowledge being the result of a life of exchanges. Aki's garden is a workshop where he cultivates himself and seeks to cultivate the spectators, through collages and assemblages of historical and mythological facts, words and memories.

It is not a specific period of his work, it is all of his works that are included there. Aki Kuroda's heterogeneous works are also not part of a temporality, each work is likely to evolve. It is a seed that grows, a seed that we cultivate to finally cultivate ourselves in turn.

Cosmogarden is always on the move. We can illustrate this point using the metaphor of the human body. In a human body, cells are constantly regenerating. There is both a part of destruction and on the other hand a part of reconstruction, symbol of life. If one of the processes fails, it's death. As with the human body, Aki adopts this element of balance, but if this balance becomes too important, the art is no longer as satisfying. This is why it creates, and like a cell, it regenerates.

This universe, visible like the tip of an iceberg, still hides many secrets from us. What is certain is that Aki loves Cosmogarden and wants to continue living there.