Kuroda - Figure Not Figure

The human, in Kuroda's painting, seems to take on an almost geometric appearance, the figure has become a symbol. 

Weeping through the light, 1991 - 270 x 160 cm
Blue Figure, 2008 - 300 x 200 cm
Passage VI, 2005 - 200 x 200 cm

Aki Kuroda seeks to disrupt the balance between figurative and non-figurative. For him, as for many artists such as Miró, Klee, Picabia or Man Ray, but also Rothko or Kelly, an abstract art which refuses the link to reality cannot exist.

Untitled red, 1989 - 270 x 160 cm

The female silhouette that punctuates his work resembles a caryatid. But this figure is not totally human, in a futuristic, and perhaps premonitory, projection, the being, freed from its fleshly envelope, takes on the appearance of a robot, cold and devoid of sensitivity.

Woodcuts, 1994 and engraving, 1990

Sometimes this slender shape transforms into a narrow opening, an entrance, a breach into another world. It becomes the passage between reality and dream, between Earth and the Cosmos.

“Sidéral Blue” exhibition
Bouver-Ladubay Art Center, Saumur, 2018

Kuroda 110492, Acrylic on paper 63 x 90 cm, 1990

Kuroda 110343, 63 x 90 cm


Kuroda 3396, Saturn II, 270 x 160 cm, 1988
Kuroda 2016 Yeeels 8
Kuroda 2016 Yeeels
Kuroda exhibition at the Paris Aquarium, 2018.
Exhibition “Sidéral Blue” Bouvet-Ladubay Art Center, Saumur, 2018
Exhibition “Sidéral Blue” Bouver-Ladubay Art Center, Saumur, 2018
Kuroda 2019 Avignon Lapidary Blue Minotaur
Kuroda exhibition at the Lapidary Museum in Avignon, 2019.
Kuroda exhibition at ANB Tokyo, Japan.
Concept Store created by Aki Kuroda, 2009.