Aki Kuroda - Exhibition June 2021 - Tokyo

Tokyo Art Acceleration
Mori Yu Gallery

“Kuroda is ahead of silence”

5-2-4 Roppongi, Minato-ku
Tokyo Japan

in cooperation with Yoyo Maeght

The exhibition at ANB Tokyo focuses on Kuroda's works from the 2000s onwards. The exhibition presents Kuroda's activities in France, where cultural figures from around the world gathered in the second half of the 20th century and where he deepened his relationships with celebrities such as Michel Foucault and Wim Wenders.

Kuroda Untitled 2007. Mixed media on canvas, 200 x 201 cm
Untitled, 2007. Mixed media on canvas, 200 x 201 cm

The title of this exhibition comes from an essay written by the novelist and director Marguerite Duras for Kuroda's exhibition at the Maeght gallery in Paris in 1980.

“Kuroda is ahead of silence” is a phrase almost half a century old, but one that still resonates today, when the future is uncertain. Kuroda himself, as well as many other artists, made it a rule to consider darkness, the universe, myths and aspects of the world as an abyss and chaos. This expression calls us to contemplation as we live in an era of silence and confusion.

Tokyo Art Acceleration

Tokyo Art Acceleration

The Tokyo Art Acceleration Foundation was established with the aim of fostering an ecosystem in a society where culture comes to life through art. It is in cooperation with different companies to support the expressive activities of artists and create a new link between art and society.

ANB Tokyo

Anb Tokyo

ANB Tokyo is an artistic complex opened in the Roppongi district of Tokyo in 2020 and which is composed of a lounge, a gallery and a studio. ANB Tokyo aims to foster a new interface between art and society through various art-based projects, including the TAA (Tokyo Art Acceleration) project.

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Kuroda, untitled 2015, mixed media on canvas 116.7 × 91cm
Untitled, 2015. Mixed media on canvas, 116.7 x 91 cm
Cosmogarden – STOP, 2010. Acrylic on canvas, 130 x 162 cm

Cosmogarden – STOP, 2010. Acrylic on canvas, 130 x 162 cm

Aki Kuroda - biographical elements

Aki Kuroda

Kuroda born in Kyoto in 1944, moved to France in 1970. In 1993, he became the youngest artist to have a solo exhibition at the National Museum of Modern Art in Tokyo. In 1995, he participated in the Sao Paulo Biennial (Brazil), which brought him worldwide recognition. He participates in a wide range of activities, including the scenographic design of the revival of the Russian ballet masterpiece "Parade" at the Paris Opera and the Avignon International Festival.

He has collaborated with architects such as Tadao Ando and Richard Rogers, creating works for the TOKYO DOME CITY HALL. He edited the art magazines "Noise" and "Cosmissimo", to which philosophers Jacques Derrida and Michel Serres contributed.

Kuroda continues to express himself holistically, leaving a light and stable imprint on unstable and unpredictable situations.

Kuroda, Untitled, 2007. Acrylic on canvas, 145.5 x 145.5 cm
Untitled, 2007. Acrylic on canvas, 145.5 x 145.5 cm