.Braque by Jean Paulhan

Georges Braque, The couple of birds.
"Braque is patient. His face, so humble that it seems to have seen peace. But the shoulder is of a lumberjack; and the waist of a giant. "You must have time," he says, "to think about it." Indeed, he sits down. Then, "When I was young, I couldn't imagine that one could paint without a model. It came to me little by little. To make a portrait! And of a woman in an evening dress, for example. No, I don't have the spirit to dominate.
He explains, "Portraiture is dangerous. You have to pretend to think about your model. You rush. You answer before the question is even asked. You have ideas."

Georges Braque, Landscape at Estaque, Autumn, 1906.
Georges Braque, Still life with glass and letters, 1914.

Georges Braque, The Day 1929

Georges Braque, Still life with pink fish, 1937.
Symmetry is created by intensities rather than shapes. And the background, crazy and so bold.

Georges Braque, Mandolin, 1941.
This painting still has so much to teach us. It's great this impression of verticality while the canvas is almost square.
Georges Braque, A tire d’aile, 1956-1961.

Georges Braque.