.Braque - the friendship

Georges Braque is already immensely famous when he enters the Maeght Gallery. He entrusts his paintings to Aimé because he believes in the future of this daring man who wants to defend young artists by relying on the fame of the great masters: Bonnard, Matisse and Braque.
Georges Braque became Aimé Maeght's mentor, thus replacing, in the heart of the gallery owner, Pierre Bonnard who died in 1947.

Georges Braque working on an unusual canvas, indeed, it was necessary to make a very special frame to make this shape of arch at the request of my grandfather, Aimé Maeght, in order to decorate a room in his farmhouse in Saint-Paul de Vence.
Here is Georges Braque installing this splendid painting.
He himself painted the underside of the arch to continue the sky...
Two white birds, like a diptych in a single canvas. We raise our eyes to see them, we fly with them...

A great and sincere friendship bound the Braques and the Maeghts.
Georges and Marcelle Braque with my grandmother Marguerite Maeght, in Venice for the Biennale in 1948 where Braque received the prize of the biennale, but impossible to repatriate the money of the prize, then, with my grandparents, they stayed and spent everything on the spot, the best hotels, museums, terraces!